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Our Four Pillars

On our blog, Bull Moose Republicans primarily discuss Republican domestic policy initiatives related to our priorities, or Four Pillars. These four pillars are explained throughout the following pages:

Government Accountability

A government should reflect the decency, integrity and honesty of the people it represents. Since the days when President Theodore Roosevelt earned the moniker "Trust Buster," policy makers have rightly seen the need to limit both the reality and the perception that moneyed interests have undue influence on elected officials and the laws they pass.

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Civic Responsibility

For as long as we have been a nation, America has been known not simply as a nation of individuals, but of individuals working and prospering together in community. Since the time of Tocqueville, observers have noted Americans' propensity to form civic organizations in order to organize ourselves to address problems directly affecting ourselves and those most in need.

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Economic Opportunity

Throughout our history, the United States has been a land of opportunity. Ours is not a land of royalty or monarchy; the nature of your birth is not a guarantee of the life that will follow. Americans are free to create their own destinies, to pursue their own dreams. In the United States, equal opportunity can and should be the only guarantee.

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Support for New Americans

America has and always will be a nation of immigrants. In the late eighteenth century, immigrants helped our nation win its independence. In the nineteenth century, they provided the muscle for the industrial revolution and America's rise as an economic power.

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