6 Fast Cleaning Tips To Quickly Get Your House Spotless

December 11, 2019 0 By Rachel

Get your house cleaning done quickly by using these helpful tips.

Quick house cleaning

Cleanliness might be considered to be a virtue. However, a lot of hard labor doesn’t need to be involved. You can use the following quick shortcuts to help you get your cleaning done quickly and effectively.

1. Prevent dirt

The number one rule is to not wear shoes in your home. This will help to significantly reduce the amount of dirt that gets inside your house. Set an area up close to your front door and add your shoes to it while allowing plenty of room for the shoes of your guests so that they get the concept.

2. Make your own cleaning solution

You can mix up your own all-purpose, all-natural cleaner and also get a cleaning kit assembled for quick fixes. Make sure you include a toothbrush to get into tight spots and plenty of rags. Use your cleaner on shiny surfaces to make them shine (it is a big turnoff to see scummy faucets ) and wipe your mirrors down for wth a wet newspaper for streak-free shiny glass.

3. Bust The Dust

Purchase reusable electrostatic cloths in bulk and then place them on a dry mop instead of those expensive disposable cleaning sheets. Old dryer sheets will work as well for an even more affordable solution. Run a rag over your light bulbs; they will last longer and burn brighter. Dust before you vacuum or mop your floors in order to catch any unsettled debris.

4. Rest easy

Make your bed every day. It makes getting into bed at night a lot nicer. A multitude of sins can be hidden by a fluffed duvet such as crumpled up sheets. For quick changes, you can keep an exert sheet set on your bed’s box springs.

5. Water Really Works

You can clean your shower while you are using it. Allow your hair conditioner to soak while you are wiping down the tiles. Liquid soaps and shampoo prevent watermarks from accumulating. Your dishwasher can be used for things other than your dirty pots and pans. Cleaning items like old toothbrushes and dish brushes will be disinfected by the high heat.

6. Soak it

Whenever possible, soak instead of scrub. A paper towel can be soaked in a mixture of 4 cups of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Put the mixture on spills in your refrigerator, close the door and within 20 minutes it will be much easier to clean up the food residue. To clean your microwave, add lemon slices to one cup of water and heat it in the microwave for five minutes. That will make it very easy to wipe away grime and food.